Property Market

Dubai, like nearly other major developed economy has seen many challenges thrown its way following the 2008 credit crunch, but its ambition and ability to diversify its economy means that going into 2010 it now finds itself in an extremely strong position to offer amazing value, variety and long term growth for property buyers and investors. The iconic Burj Al Arab, the Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest building), the World Islands, the Palm Jumeirah, to name just a few, have captured the imagination of the public around the world and shown Dubai’s deliver ability and exceed expectations, while at the same time offering a dream lifestyle at a price that was previously out of reach for many. A decision by the Dubai Government to allow foreign nationals to buy property for the first time, and its recent decision to grant residency visas to all those buying property for a certain value or higher, have all made property investment in Dubai extremely attractive. And as investments pick up and the global economy steps up in 2010, it is sure to prove an exciting and profitable investment whether for personal use or investment purposes.
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