Economic Growth & Stability

The United Arab Emirates, made up of Dubai and six other Emirates, is one of the world’s wealthiest countries and has the third-largest proven oil reserves in the world.

It is also an important shipping centre and air cargo hub benefiting from its favourable location. In fact, the import/re-export ratio of the UAE makes it the third most important re-export centre in the world after Hong Kong and Singapore. With its strategic location between Europe and the Far East, the UAE is the obvious choice of location for multinational companies wishing to tap the lucrative Middle East, sub-Continental and African markets (combined population 1.4 billion).

And with its world-class infrastructure, a high-quality talent pool and world-known financial centre, Dubai represents the most dynamic business hub in the Gulf and the region’s nimblest competitor.

Dubai itself has seen a GDP growth over 16.7% per annum, making it one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and with an open economy that has diversified well beyond energy, Dubai has attracted legions of foreign investors, serving as a model for its Gulf neighbours.

As such, it is tolerant and comfortable base for anyone seeking a foothold in the Arab world. Salaries are high, and there is no personal tax.

Microsoft, General Electric, Cisco Systems and a host of other A-list multinationals have flocked to Dubai because of its open culture, top-notch infrastructure, and hassle-free business climate. And virtually every leading investment bank is present in Dubai International Financial Centre. A big is the emerging market for Islamic financial services, which has become a $1trillion business globally.

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